Line6 USB driver for Linux 2.6.x

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Line6 & Linux

Kernel driver

When using Ubuntu Linux or upgrading from version 0.5.3 or older, please read this important hint!

This is an experimental Linux driver for the guitar amp, cab, and effects modeller PODxt Pro by Line6 (and similar devices), supporting the following features:

Moreover, preliminary support for the Variax Workbench is included.

Download the source code or binaries. See the documentation and installation instructions for more information. If you upgrade the driver from version 0.5.3 or older, please read this important hint!

Feel free to also visit the home page of the music group Scream (in German only since we play mainly in Austria), where this exciting brand-new device is in use live on stage :-) However, the sound samples have been produced with older equipment. I will put more recent ones there as soon as they are available.

Subversion repository

The most recent version of the driver is available via the subversion repository. You can check it out with the following command:

svn co line6usb

Hard disc recording

A "quick hack" recorded with ardour/jack can be downloaded here, another piece which I did for fun with ardour/jack/hydrogen/rosegarden/qsynth is here. See the documentation for more information.

Re-amping tool

The PODxt Pro allows to record the dry guitar signal and process it at a later time. This feature is demonstrated by a small utility which is available in source and binary form. The installation instructions are here.


The software (©2004-2009 Markus Grabner) is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


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